We are here to assist you with visa application processes. Whether you are preparing a F-1 Student visa or looking for an O-visa (special abilities), we are here to help.

    F-1 visa (student visa) M-1 visa (vocational student visa) J-1 (exchange visitor visa)

    In general there are three student visa categories. The most common F-1 visa is for students enrolled in private elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. It allows you to live, study and perform limited work in the U.S. and can be granted to persons students as young as 6 years of age. The M-1 visa is for vocational schools and the J-1 requires a sponsoring institution.

    In order to qualify for the F-1 visa you must show that
    1) you have a permanent residence outside of the U.S. that you intend to return to upon completion of your studies, or
    2) property, bank accounts, job offers and family,
    3) financial support during your stay in the U.S.,
    4) an accredited institution (by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)) willing to sponsor your visa.
    The documents required for you to meet these requirements are:

    • A valid passport and two additional visa photographs
    • Form I-20 financial information
    • Proof of payment for F-1 visa fee
    • DS-160 non-immigrant visa application
    • I-134 if your using a sponsor to meet the financial obligations
    • Educational documents, including TOEFL scores, original transcripts and diplomas

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