Property Management

    We offer property management services for your property in South Florida including:

    • • Property maintenance – Ensuring your property is kept in good condition, regularly checking on the status, routine maintenance with a schedule set up together with the owner
    • • Property furnishing and remodeling
    • • Property repairs using licensed contractors
    • • Providing professional cleaning services
    • • HOA Services – Attend condominium meetings, receive and respond to notifications, make timely HOA payments
    • • Property Insurance – Advice on necessary insurance, renewal of property insurance, assistance in claims

    Financial & Administrative Management:

    • Collect all incomes and handle all property expenses
    • Maintain a comprehensive software based accounting
    • Provide monthly detailed financial reports
    • Deposit monthly net gain on investors bank account
    • Provide owner and accountant with a complete end-of-the-year folder
    • Provide an annual summary of the investments and proposals to optimize investments and net incomes

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